February’s Alphabet Playlist

Here are the songs I personally think everyone should listen to – at least once – in the current month.

Abstract Deviation – Solar Empire (Abstract Deviation EP)

Being – Air Atlantic (Anthropocene)

Circle Takes The Square – North Star, Inverted (Decompositions : Volume Number One)

Devolved – Apocalyptic Visionary (Reprisal)

Eschaton – The Black Tunnel (Isolated Intelligence)

Fountainhead – Fear Is The Enemy (Fear Is The Enemy)

Gigan – The Raven And The Crow (Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes)

Hacktivist – Hacktivist (Hacktivist EP)

Infant Annihilator – Cuntcrusher (The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution)

Journal – The Velvet Ribbon (Unlorja)

The KoreaRead more

Journal – Casualties of War (2007) and Unlorja (2010)

This is a big day, and here’s two more reviews for Journal.

Casualties of War

Have you ever been charged with manslaughter? Has your doctor ever told you that you had schizophrenia or were bipolar? Do you feel a visceral hate for any music besides what’s on your personal computer or iPod?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then Journal is for you.

Directly from California, this band hits us like a tour van going 100 mph (like it could go that fast… well maybe down a hill). With a special and unique blend of deathcore, math, … Read more