Russian Shepard is Metal!

This is happening, folks!

Saint-Petersburg-based band Starbreeze releases today their symphonic space metal album named N7. If you haven’t guessed it yet, this is a conceptual album based off of Bioware’s Mass Effect universe and games saga. You don’t believe me? Look at that trailer!

It is a good mix of heavy metal with hints of progressive elements and loaded with symphony.If you like good metal, Mass Effect, or both, head over to their bandcamp page to pre-order the album for 0.50$ (while it’s still time!), and show them some support on facebook too!

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The Korea – Saturnus EP


Saturnus begins where Chariots of the Gods left us: with plenty of heavy and melodies throughout, and that’s a good thing!

The sad little thing is that it’s only an EP, with 3 songs. Well, technically there are 6 songs in total, but it’s only the Russian and English versions of the same songs, so you get to decide in which language you want to listen to The Korea.

So for 3 bucks you get to mosh on Russian or English, that’s fair!

Download Saturnus now you fools!

The Korea on facebook

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