Jackie Frank Russell III – I’m So Fucking Lonely

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Jackie Frank Russell III made some waves, last year, with Outward Calm, Inward Chaos, his debut album. The Illinois composer comes back with I’m So Fucking Lonely.

The album takes a side step from its predecessor in that it’s much more heavily influenced by electronic music than it appeared in the previous one. This statement is evident on the opening track, “Softly Asking for the Attention of Kings”, while songs like “This Bad Won’t Leave” retains much of its metallicity, with few of the new electronic music elements. One of the pleasant side effects … Read more

Potmos Hetoimos – Vox Medusae

Drumroll please!

I am more than pleased to announce the first release under our brand new Not Music label! And it’s Potmos Hetoimos‘ eleventh album: Vox Medusae, coming out on September 12. I started Not Music with the intention of further supporting and promoting music that I love, beyond what the blog alone could manage to do, and I’m proud to put my name behind that album as a proof that I support it completely and entirely.

When Matt, the sole member of Potmos Hetoimos, sent me early mixes of his new album, I was just blown away! … Read more

The Mercury Tree & Cryptic Ruse –
“The Cold Flame Burns”

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Ever since their inception, The Mercury Tree has moved from an alternative metal band towards more and more obscure progressive rock and genre fusion. This progression has reached a new apex, thanks to the collaboration with xenharmonic prog solo band Cryptic Ruse on their upcoming EP, Cryptic Tree. For a few albums already, The Mercury Tree has experimented with multiple different tonal systems at once on their few latest albums, but this EP aims at pushing that experimentation to its limit.

By joining forces with a … Read more