Between the Lions lie a Painter, a Liar, a Canvas, and a Noose

We already know how it will end…

You will have a new album to listen to. That’s how it ends. Because BTL sounds great. Period.

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Amongst The Unbroken’s first single off of Relinquished

Check out this progressive hardcore band supported by no other than Chris Barretto himself!!!

This rocks out hard and shows the versatility of their compositional style, which is always a great thing to hear!

Relinquished should be released quite soon – I haven’t found any official release date 🙁 … Go and support them on facebook if you want some more updates from them 🙂

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Tsaars give us an incredible Foreword of their potential

This melodic djenty mathcore band from Ukraine has been playing quite frequently in my ears these past months, when they released a track off their album Foreword, Nightmares.

Now that their full EP is out, with 3 songs along with their instrumental counterparts, and an aptly named entracte. They have two guest singers, who are both incredibly good: Sam Gitiban of Novållo and Jordan Ibarra of Aristeia, as well as their own singer, who sounds really great, too!

The album is relentless, fast, heavy, technical, and melodic while retaining some dissonant chords and harmonies.

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