Professor Phil talks about the Physics of Moshing

As a complement to reading our post about the article, you can listen to SixtySymbols’ really interesting video explaining and breaking down the article about the physics of moshing! And Prof. Phil’s a huge metal fan, and metal singer, too!

You can also hear him sing over on a mathy metal song they made on purpose for the channel Numberphile on the Golden Ratio, or Phi, and it’s pretty neat-o!

You can download the song or its instrumental version for free! (just click the links)

Science is awesome.
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Leben Ohne Licht Kollektiv/ Immemorial – Quantum of Abstract Physics

A preview of the album can be streamed from Souncloud:

This split release bearing the aberrant title ‘Quantum of Abstract Quantum of Abstract Physics coverPhysics’ is slowly processing it’s final phase and the result is surely of remarkable proportions, something that was actually fairly expected. Featuring two of the most interesting and intriguing underground dark ambient bands I’ve heard, as of recently, joined forces into an album that could be considered as not of this earth, just like the imagination of the concept clearly manifests. This lengthy prologue is directed to LEBEN OHNE LICHT KOLLEKTIV and  IMMEMORIAL, and their masterminds  I.Luciferia, Damien Read more