Leben Ohne Licht Kollektiv/ Immemorial – Quantum of Abstract Physics

A preview of the album can be streamed from Souncloud:

This split release bearing the aberrant title ‘Quantum of Abstract Quantum of Abstract Physics coverPhysics’ is slowly processing it’s final phase and the result is surely of remarkable proportions, something that was actually fairly expected. Featuring two of the most interesting and intriguing underground dark ambient bands I’ve heard, as of recently, joined forces into an album that could be considered as not of this earth, just like the imagination of the concept clearly manifests. This lengthy prologue is directed to LEBEN OHNE LICHT KOLLEKTIV and  IMMEMORIAL, and their masterminds  I.Luciferia, Damien Luce who have successfully combined their visions of ambient music in the shape and form of ‘Quantum of Abstract Physics’.

Both bands share their perspective of an amazing astral journey and LEBEN OHNE LICHT KOLLEKTIV is the first band to do so. ‘The Dust Is Eternal’ introduces a wailing guitar sound, a disturbance to the on going ambiance’s silence which it is soon to be interrupted by a frantic drum pattern as well. As the song goes on all of the above elements are slowly combined together with the drum outbursts finishing the song with a doomy, preternatural atmosphere. The journey goes on, on a silent note again approaching the familiar sound of LEBEN OHNE LICHT KOLLEKTIV, this time there is no light on, only the soft, eerie whispers that slowly rise in the surroundings after the third minute of the song. Celestial sounding synths lay a thick foundation for minimal beats, the whispers have now become imposing chants turning this exploration into a commanding and penetrating procession. Same goes for ‘Horizon’ which seems just like a progression of the previous ‘Behind the Walls’. This time the synths produce a powerful, melodic yet sinister atmosphere, the first industrial elements are also spotted only to weighten the atmosphere more, the first planets are already far behind, as the song goes on, sinking in deeper and deeper while the grandiose chants seem like sirens who drift our minds even further. Closing this first chapter comes ‘Dreams Injection’ which is indeed what the title states, completing LEBEN OHNE LICHT KOLLEKTIV’s circle just how it started. Dark, persistent distorted guitars wailing over some exploding drum beats that lead to a forced landing, an injection of everything you felt during this stellar journey to the outside world.

What we so vividly experienced through LEBEN OHNE LICHT KOLLEKTIV’s round of four songs, IMMEMORIAL tries to recount in an epic 30 minute opus, ‘aptly named ‘The Downfall of Astral Radiance’,  a prime example of ‘Total Terror Funeral Drone’, an identity the band proudly bears and that we so proudly hail. The song slowly consumes the first five minutes in an ambient, atmospheric intro before culminating into an immense doom riff of sheer heaviness. A dense entity of floating and ethereal sounds is always present and never ending as the interweaving of warm harmonic guitars fading in and out as the song gradually builds up. The first percussive elements make their appearance around the ten-minute mark, complimenting the following guitar part which comes crushing, the atmosphere is getting darker, the drum beats prepare for this unearthly outsburst that follows, a repeating riff of black metal charm intertwining with a sort of an astral hymn, which soon climaxes into an ominous disconcertion. The bass guitar is adding considerably to this particular section, maintaining a simple melody which does not ever reach the surface yet balances the sound,adding greatly to the song as well. It is very clear that many of IMMEMORIALl’s influences collide to create this pure, ritual dark ambient masterpiece through the world of terrifying doom/drone music. The spacey atmosphere is always in the air, a black hole where this uneartly environment of pure darkness and terror prevails, that’s what ‘The Downfall of Astral Radiance’ is all about. This natural process of composition is vital in producing such a unique, personal yet extremely abstract piece of art, and with the awareness of creating something this unsettling each listen becomes even more cohesive.

To make a long story short, these two French entities have successfully progressed in multiple ways from their debut albums and it clearly shows. This release is a quantum only in terms of abstract physics because in terms of art and quality it is a complete whole, a very distant, out of space whole. ‘Quantum of Abstract Physics’ is an album of a claustrophobic, dark aesthetic, an artistic collaboration you will surely want to delve into.


Lefteris Kefalas.