News: Portuguese prog metal band LaVolta release second EP “Calvário”

Following their latest EP, Escape, the band moves on to the second part (Parte 2) of their story. While the first one was more happy and driving, the second part aims to be darker, just as the title implies (meaning calvary, ordeal). However, their music is just as entertaining and fun to listen to! Check out the EP on youtube, and keep coming back to see when they decide to release it for download!… Read more

Review: Fountainhead – Home EP

I’m glad the first album I get to review in 2015 is from Tom, Fountainhead. Tom, the fretless guitarist, at least that’s what we know him for, mostly on his Fear Is The Enemy album, which was highly praised by us and the rest of the metal community, even if it was barely metal at all.

Now, on Home, it’s more relaxed than ever. Remember the epic, inspiring strings? That’s mostly gone, now, but no need to worry, this folk-alternative-experimental sound, vaguely reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens, is really something to enjoy. The songs are perfectly crafted and executed. … Read more

White Arms Of Athena – White Arms Of Athena

Call me OCD, but the thing that bothers me the most about that album is the fact that the arms of the girl on the cover are pretty much the only thing that isn’t white on her body. I know it’s only a band name, and it’s maybe not even a representation of the Greek Goddess Athena, but still I waste way too much time thinking about this. Let’s move on.

The self-titled album is in more than one way different than their previous one, Astrodrama, which was pretty good … Read more

Theo Young – Shadowplay

This Young British fellow *chuckles alone in the darkness* is a figure to add to the Plini-Sithu Aye duo. Yes, Theo would be able to sneak in cognito into any of those two’s albums! And that’s saying something, and that something is: it’s freaking GOOD!

And it’s no copycat, don’t get me wrong! Although he uses advanced techniques only present on Plini’s latest, such as thumb-picking, Theo really has his own compositional style – and playing style, too! Shadowplay, which came out today – September 14th – is a wonderfully beautiful little collection of music, … Read more

Sleepers Awake – Transcension

Sleepers Awake gives you everything you want to hear from a progressive metal band nowadays. Master instrumentation, killer riffs, awesome vocals, long and intricate songs but shorter ones too… Seriously, Transcension will be your best listen of the week, and of the month, and probably of the year!

You can pre-order the album on bandcamp, as it comes out June 17th, or the physical CD and some merch over here.

Like that amazing band on facebook and tell us what you think of Transcension!

-D… Read more