Review: Fountainhead – Home EP

I’m glad the first album I get to review in 2015 is from Tom, Fountainhead. Tom, the fretless guitarist, at least that’s what we know him for, mostly on his Fear Is The Enemy album, which was highly praised by us and the rest of the metal community, even if it was barely metal at all.

Now, on Home, it’s more relaxed than ever. Remember the epic, inspiring strings? That’s mostly gone, now, but no need to worry, this folk-alternative-experimental sound, vaguely reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens, is really something to enjoy. The songs are perfectly crafted and executed. Mostly instrumental, there are soft vocals on Ghost, provided by David Dwier.

The EP is so good that I wish it lasted at least around 40 minutes, to let him the time to fully explore this side of his music, and for us to bask in it a little longer.

Just go and get it, for it is free, and awesome!