Here’s some stats about our bandcamp page!

Since we started to host amazing albums on our own bandcamp page, in March 2014, with the outstanding Fountainhead album Fear Is The Enemy, many other artists agreed to have their album hosted there, totally free, for you guys, the readers and the fans of great music; those who will seek out new challenging music.

We now have 30 (yes, thirty!) albums totally available for free, and ranging from New Apple Taste’s jazz-rap (razz?), to OhBree’s brass-tinted experimental folk, uSSSy’s microtonal middle-Eastern rock, and Zachary Huff’s awesome drum-n-bass. We’re so proud to be able to do this, and build this up to where it is now. That’s all thanks to you all! I cannot be grateful enough.

Here’s some numbers! The two ex-æquo most downloaded albums are Dinosaurs Are Not Gone!‘s Rawrrrr!!!, an interesting progressive metalcore album, abrasive and aggressive as it is, and Peculate‘s amazing dichotomial, experimental metal album In Two (A). For a total number of 280 album downloads throughout the year! You guys are crazy! And it’s still there, 30 great albums of varied genres, all free, and I’ll keep asking bands their permission to host their amazing album here!

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As for the number of plays, it’s The Burden Of Existence, with members of Canvas Solaris, and their song A Will Only Death Could Break who’s been the most played, followed by The OdiousAncestral Perplexities.

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All the albums there are great, and I am proud to be hosting each and every one of them for you!

We’re off to another great year in music! See ya!

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On January 2 2015, this entry was posted.