Review: Sevish – Rhythm And Xen

Sevish has been known in the microtonal music circles for some time now, mostly due to his 2010 effort “Golden Hour”. 2015 marks the return of the man, with Rhythm And Xen, a xenharmonic effort leaning heavily on drum & bass and electronic music, as well as breakbeat and ambient music. For the uninitiated, xenharmonic is “music that does not sound like 12-tone equal temperament”, according to Ivor Darreg, who coined the term.

Therefore, the music in there might be quite hard to grasp for somebody who’s only heard 12-tone equal temperament (12-TET) all their life, taking up practically 100% of what’s playing on radios, TV channels, and pretty much anywhere you can hear music. There is, however, some sort of recrudescence of microtonal music, after being quite popular among scholars in the last century. However, the approach that Sean, the man behind the project, has on xen music is special, and you will most probably be able to grasp the harmonies and melodies of the tuning systems. You’ll get it.

Rhythm And Xen is a stellar electro and DnB album in its own right, with the added bonus of making use of microtonal tuning systems rarely heard, cranking up the experimental factor, all the while making itself stand out. It’s an awesome release that will give you plenty of fun while playing! Grab it for cheap on bandcamp!