Sein Zum Tode – Siamese Second Cousins Never Removed

Lately I’ve been very busy – and tired – because of work, music, relations… basically everything other than writing about weird music that only 10 people know about worldwide. Also, I’ve felt very overwhelmed recently, with the huge ass pile of new and amazing music that fell upon me. I also felt like I couldn’t convey how amazing these bands were, and that I am a poor music blogger. But I recalled that I’m not a reviewer and my role is not to critique or review albums, but just to talk about the music that I like, and that I feel deserves more recognition (although no more than 25 fans because those are sellouts). So with that in mind, I’ll stop writing “Review” in the title of my articles. I’ll keep it as a category because it’s an easy way to sort stuff, but yeah… Here we go. Sorry for the rant, onwards with the music!

Sein Zum Tode, meaning “His to the death” or “His death”, I’m not really good with German, is a self-proclaimed avant-garde circus metal band from Columbia. Yes, they are American. It’s not 1942 anymore, Americans can speak German if they want to. Their music is somewhat true to their bandcamp tags. They do play strange, unique music, and it’s not so blatantly “circus” as to summon back Haken’s “Aquarius”. It’s subtler, and it gives chills to listen to, sometimes, like a sad, twisted metal take on a nightmarish fair, while the Haken approach was most of the time cheerful and made you grin. Oh I miss those Haken days…

But if you’re looking for a great, although rather short EP with very minimal vocals (only some sort of low, distorted, almost spoken rumbles on the last track), and a terrifying atmosphere accompanying it, this might be for you! There’s nothing here good-sounding, so you are forewarned!