Les Mouvements – Les Mouvements (2013)

Les Mouvements is a French instrumental jazzu progressive rock duo comprised of a drummer and a fretless guitar-harp player. Yup, an instrument that is very rarely seen or heard, with the added bonus of fretlessness! How does that sound like? Listen to the video of Laminaires below to find out.

For those of you who do not know what a guitar-harp is, it’s a hybrid instrument usually consisting of a guitar, with added strings that are meant to be played openly, as accompaniment or else, and often tuned to form chords. Check out this picture to look at the sweet custom instrument used by the band.

The album is 11 tracks long, with various moods and atmospheres, rhythms and melodies. The harp strings often sound like clean guitar arpeggiated chords, while the fretless guitar part acts more like a [fretless] piccolo bass, so the lack of a dedicated bassist is not really felt.

Les Mouvements is a great, forward-thinking, and unique album that really deserves your attention. I believe there are a few songs available on youtube, in case you weren’t sure to buy it just yet, and you can order the album on the band’s website.