Review: Kes – Kamlama

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Kes is a band from Turkey, and apparently Kamlama is their debut album. If you’re thirsty for some great instrumental progressive rock not too far off from Indukti, you won’t be disappointed!

The trio is the standard instrumental rock form: one guitarist, one bassist, and one drummer. Each with their standard number of strings and drums parts. I believe it’s quite difficult to acquire music instruments and services in Turkey, at least that’s what I’ve heard, but these guys seem to have some high-end gear and top-notch sound/mix quality. Good for them, and, ultimately, good for us! I’d like to come back to the Indukti comparison. While Indukti use varied and often somewhat exotic instruments into their songs, Kes stick to their guns, and they don’t feature guest singers either.

The guys definitely know what they’re doing, and they also have a great sense of song construction. Their pieces flow, from beginning to end, without ever passing through stagnant waters, and make us journey in different atmospheres, conveyed by carefully chosen rhythmic patterns, time signatures, tones, and scales. The album is varied enough so that a few listens won’t feel repetitive, and is well-seated on the tropes of the progressive rock genre so that fans of this kind of music will be in familiar terrain, and it might even draw in some neophytes; rockers, or metalheads.

This album is definitely worthy of your consideration so listen to the previews available on CDbaby, and to the music video, and make your own decision!