Review: Spectral Lore – Voyager

Spectral Lore is best known for their contemplative, mournful progressive black metal, like in their latest LP III, which we loved! However, they’ve unveiled a facet of themselves that I did not know: ambient/electronic music. Those two music genres seem pretty antipodal, but, in the case of Spectral Lore, they serve the same purpose: create an atmosphere; immerse the listener into their world. The only difference is the approach.

What they usually did with guitars, bass, drums, and vocals, they now do only with synthesizers, and the result is marvellous. It’s no surprise, because they were already incredibly talented at building atmospheres on III. On the other hand, it’s not an easy task to shift your creative process over to a totally new genre of music, but the transition seems to have been without any issue at all. The album is a tribute to space, and science, in both reality and fantasy, and keeping this information in mind is crucial to take the journey of Voyager.

It might not be for anyone; ambient instrumental electronic music will deter many fans of more aggressive, technical, full music, but I really believe that the ones who liked their latest album III will be totally in love with this one! Give it a try!