Recap of the week!

This week has been amazing! Loads of amazing new music! A few older stuff that came to my ears, and some stuff still to come!

Let’s start with this week’s favourites!
Peculate‘s new album Fiscal Cliffs, is really a great listen for anyone who likes metal to be out of the ordinary. Avant-garde and experimental, like we love it! Read our whole review here and listen to the album below!

Rejectionary Art has released their second album entitled Exocoetidae: Flying Fish. It’s so eclectic and musically varied! Each song takes you to a different venue somewhere in America, and that’s really interesting. Of course, metal infects every other genre presented! Read the whole review here and stream the album down here!

Then there are the other ones we’ve listened and loved!

Native Construct released a 12-minute song called Chromatic Aberration, and released a guitar playthrough video for it. The guy on the right has some thumb skills!!!

Russian Second to Sun are an insane instrumental djenty deathcore band! Of course, a great singer would do no harm, but gosh are these songs intense as they are! Listen to those guys!

Post-rockers ItsTeeth have made a collaboration with Travis Orbin for their album Divided. It’s really good and moody, give them a listen below!

Brendan Byrnes, the microtonal genius, has released a song that will be played with his upcoming microtonal band! Avant-garde electronica rock that’s catchy despite its unusual musical system!

Nott has released the Obsidian Depths EP, one of the most crushing things I’ve heard. It’s been written on drop-E guitars and bass: this is freaking heavy!

Protest the Hero, the crazy Canadian metal cowboys have released the album art and two songs from their upcoming and highly anticipated album Volition. Listen to those and pre-order that shit right away!

Rings of Saturn‘s guitarist Lucas Mann has started a crowdfunding campaign for a solo album. This shit is quite controversial on the music forums, and because of many things! But if you would like to send your money to Lucas, do so below, but be careful!

Indian guitar gods Vishal J Singh and Siddharth Basrur collaborate on a new post-rock band called The Library, and new music will be made only if this track is successful enough, so go on and show your love for this awesome project!

Finally, crustpunk hardcore band Ληθη released two tracks for their upcoming album
. Listen to this below!

Well guys! If we’ve missed anything, let us know! Write us on facebook or via email!
Have a good weekend, fellas!