Potmos Hetoimos – Vox Medusae

Drumroll please!

I am more than pleased to announce the first release under our brand new Not Music label! And it’s Potmos Hetoimos‘ eleventh album: Vox Medusae, coming out on September 12. I started Not Music with the intention of further supporting and promoting music that I love, beyond what the blog alone could manage to do, and I’m proud to put my name behind that album as a proof that I support it completely and entirely.

When Matt, the sole member of Potmos Hetoimos, sent me early mixes of his new album, I was just blown away! While his project’s previous albums were interesting in their own right, it’s the first time one has resonated so strongly with me; it’s like he read my mind! At first, he rejected my proposition of being under a label, but I finally convinced him with my enthusiasm and promises of a physical release!

Here are some of Matt’s words on the album:

The eleventh album from Potmos Hetoimos, Vox Medusae weaves a harrowingly vivid narrative dealing with pornography addiction. Theatrically dramatized yet deeply personal, the album conveys the internal psychological struggle associated with addiction by presenting the perspectives of nine voices:

[M]edusa, the temptress – an external(?) personification of the supreme object of lustful attraction and obsession
The [A]ddict – the true human struggling with his addiction
[L]ust – the addict’s uninhibited obsessive desire
[S]hame – the addict’s filthy guilt over his inability to control his thoughts and actions
[R]age – the addict’s bitter anger at himself for constantly failing
The [K]iller – murderer of true Beauty by reducing women to objects
The [W]itness – impartial observer to the killer’s deeds
The [P]rophet – a conscience speaking truth, warning and encouragement
The [C]onqueror – valiant would-be slayer of the Medusa

Musically, Vox Medusae expresses this tension by associating a different non-traditional scale with each voice. Potmos Hetoimos’s signature progressive sludge is extended in both intensity and creativity, by incorporating the blackened hardcore influence of bands like Cult Leader and Plebeian Grandstand as well as the jazz and funk inspiration of artists like Prince and Kamasi Washington. The standard metal instrumentation is juxtaposed with piano and saxophone throughout the album, creating an unprecedented synthesis of styles.

Here is a mockup of the upcoming digipak release.

The album’s getting a tangible release format; what year is it? While we are all aware that sales are declining, we believe that going above and beyond with a physical disc is a statement about the reality of music, and is still a desirable thing for the more devoted collector niche. What we settled on is a four-panel matte digipak, as can be previewed in the image above.

Along the way, we also had to make decisions that shaped the guidelines of Not Music that I will discuss on the Not Music page. What drives our philosophy is to make things affordable so that the most amount of people can have access to it. On the way, however, we had to make some compromises, and we hope that they make sense to you as much as they do to us.

Right now, you can take a look at our bandcamp page to see and pre-order the album digitally for $1 — it will become available for free on release day — or reserve a physical copy before release.

We do hope that this adventure will be fun and full of teachings. Please let us know what you think of our approach as a label. But, for now, be ready to hear some music very soon! Stay tuned on CTEBCM’s facebook page or Potmos Hetoimos’ one!


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