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Experimental is the land of all possibles. Bollywood paints a rather stellar example of this in the realm of jazz with their self-titled debut album. Released on 12 August, it was briefly available through TVL Rec‘s page, and abruptly taken down—forbidding my sharing it. However, this can’t stop me from talking about it.

A few minutes over thirty, Bollywood is an album of what sounds like free jazz meets lowercase music, with each track fronted by a different solo instrument—here saxophone, here bass, and so on—backed by insectile percussions, noise backing tracks, or electronic experimentations. Musique concrète evidently plays a major role in the building of these songs, and the sounds coming out of this are near unrecognizable.

I hope the album gets a permanent release some time soon—if so, I will update this review with the usual streaming embeddables—, because this is a wonderful noise-filled release!

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