Ring van Möbius – Past the Evening Sun

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Ring van Möbius released their debut album Past the Evening Sun back in May, containing three very proggy tracks, including an epic twenty-one-minute title track, the full video of which is featured above. The Norwegian trio provide a hefty dose of Hammond organ, mellotron synths, and strong instrumental grooves, right out of 1971. There are lots of prog bands that take influence from that era, but few that make it sound new and original. Ring van Möbius are one of those few.

The lineup consists of Thor Erik Helgesen on lead vocals and keyboards, Håvard Rasmussen on bass, and Dag Olav Husås on drums, and guest features Karl Christian Grønhaug on Saxophone. With the absence of a lead guitarist, the other instruments are able to shine in ways you don’t often hear. The bass and keyboards supported by the Sax produce a very unique sound, and really showcase the musical talents of each member.

Highly recommended for fans of 70s prog wanting something fresh.

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