FIXIONS – Driver

Though summer is mostly gone, our beloved hot, summer days are and will be present for quite some time, so the conditions could not be more appropriate for this unexpected

release of this electronic substistence from France.cover FIXIONS delivered an all new EP in all secrecy, designed for short, but sweet unplanned trips far away from home.

‘Summer Clouds’ picks us up, just where the wistful and enigmatic ‘Uhler’, from last year’s Euphorion left us. This EP is yet another different approach in FIXIONS’ music, fusing both old and newly adopted elements, albeit somewhat different from  what can be heard in the last songs uploaded on FIXIONS’  SoundCloud page. Generalised dreaminess and the synthesisers’ open space sensation along with hazy vocal layers that alternate with the beat and the psychedelic melodies are the album’s very dominant components. The characteristic vocal-chopping is also extremely present, although there is also actual singing at parts, both on the opening song (accompanied by Marine’s delicate vocals) but even more on ‘Driver’ which follows soon after. Once again, the music is influenced by the golden 80s decade and its heavy, syncopated rhythms, twitching beats and nebulous vocalisations, all blended smoothly together in a need for escapism. By listening to the title-track, one can’t help but recollect memories from endless road trips, bringing a slight smile to his face. When the instrumental ‘Red Orange Road’ has started, you know that you are finally reaching your destination. The bass’ warmness along with the soothing electronic sounds is surounding , FIXIONS ethereal and hypnotic dreamwave  seems like the (red orange) rays of the sun that fall on the rear side of the car.

The Driver EP is but some songs to listen while driving, speaking with a strange hitchhiker, and thinking about how many minutes your cigarette will last, hoping it will last forever…

Official video:

Lefteris Kefalas