CUB3 – Identité

artwork IDENTITEWhat we have here is the very first recorded appearance of the French modern metal outfit CUB3. Although this band was initially formed before 2009, it was not until 2011 that the line up became stabilized and is now finally ready to present their first ever official release, bearing the intelligible title ‘Identité’.

CUB3’s identity is forcefully revealed by the self-titled introductory track, undeniably the perfect opener for such an album, a song that is screaming the band’s name as a statement, a menacing declaration that ‘This is the Cube, and it’s here to stay’! Heavy on rhythms and groove, the album contains some highly evaluated material, a vast farrago of a crushing wall of guitars, fortified by some wah-induced lead parts and arpeggiated melodies added to the catchy screaming vocals. The drums, followed by some really interesting bass lines, are constructing the backbone of each song with a rich variety in every drum fill, clever rhythms and rousing grooves. ‘VS’ is one of the standout tracks that are included in Identité, a song that combines all the aforementioned elements in three minutes of powerful, strenuous and immediate metal. The album is very well worked, though some of the band’s influences may still be quite discernible the result still stands sincere and unpretentious. Some compositions have more of a hard and vigorous edge to them (‘Un Homme’, ‘Ave’), whilst others are memorable, short and to the point (‘Tourner Cetter Page’, ‘Naufrage’) with simple yet effective guitar work that will defintely exhilarate and inflame. ‘Ce Morts Qui Marchent’ seems to be one of the darkest songs of the album but equally heavy and irruptive, with multiple layers of lead guitars enhancing this slow zombie walk and a brutal vocal cadence that disturbs their rigor mortis. Practically every of the album’s tracks is quite heavy on hazy effects and keyboards resulting in some radiating or threatening outlines responsible for the album’s atmospheric ambiances, weaving in and out. Identité closes off with the up-tempo ‘L’ Exil’, a song that features an elevating, driving chorus, entagled in quick pauses and strange rhythmic parts, bringing this considerable effort to its conlcusion. A notable mention should also be made concerning the album’s production which was handled by CUB3’s own drummer, an orderly mixed result, balanced frequencies and a lively sound that should definately please the listener.

The final point is that Identité appears to be a highly fascinating debut album of an upcoming and promising band. A debut that throbs potency, passion and care for the music the band has crafted and that will surely lead them to higher statures as the years go by. Equally consistent, modern and heavy, CUB3’s inaugural creation passes as a highly recommended piece.

So…don’t hesitate, enter the cube.