Well… It’s been a while! And here’s what you missed! (speed post edition)

Maximum the Hormone (マキシマム ザ ホルモン) freaking ROCK!!! Their new album Yushu Fukushu (予襲復讐) is insanely addictive! Just listen to this video for the title song:

Get on the crazy japanese train and like them on facebook!

The new video for Haken‘s song The Cockroach King from their album “The Mountain” is Queenly Muppetish! In other words, I can’t wait to listen to the full album!!!

Like these buoys on phasebook!!!

The new Dream Theater is meh…

The new Safety Fire, on the other hand, is rather exceptional! (That means it’s good!)

Even though I thoroughly hate the guys’ looks in the vid… D:

The new Gigan is not out yet… AND THAT’S A FUCKING SHAME!!!
But keep in touch to be sure NOT TO MISS this masterpiece to be.

And now you can call me lame for not having any music teaser to show you… I only have old stuff!

Peculate drops a new album SUNDAYYYY YAY!!! If you’re into anarchistic progressive metal with a zest of duhjent (amongst a ton of other shit!), you must not miss this!!!

Last Chance to Reason is now 500% more Contortionist in “Level 3”!!! That’s not a bad thing, although I miss the peculiarity of Level 2-LCTR!

Arsonists Get All the Girls are still crazy mofos!

International multi-progressive über-band Time Machinery‘s EP “Timetrips to Elsewhere” is finally out, and it’s frickin’ GOLD!!!

Karhu – “The Survival of the Richest 2.0: Super Crazy HD Edition+” finally has a decent mix (hence the “Super Crazy HD Edition+” part)! We can now listen to it and find it awesome!

Finnish Mojo Waves is meth-rock.

Fixions‘ new EP “Driver” is hell good if you need some retro psychedelic progressive electronic music!!!

Shadow of the Colossus are still heavy and crushing in the new album “Strands of Time”!

Vampire Squid release a new album reaaally soon! So get your marine puns ready, mateys! (that was my lame attempt)

Fail Emotion‘s sometimes called opportunistic outfit profits of younglings’ trends once again with their awesome (and upcoming) record “Gravity”!!! You can stream it on Soundcloud, tho.

If they’re not KVLTRVE ’nuff for you, that’s too bad for you, m8!

B E A R, the progressive hardcore ursidae released a crushing album, “D O R A D U S”, and don’t miss that!

Andy Rive dropped “Flotsam”. Good thing he did!

Don’t waste your time trying to google Modulus – “Entanglement” because you will only get physics links… In fact, do exactly this, because physics is fun!!! So is this band’s music! Experimental, instrumental, what more should I say?

I shouldn’t talk about Frenchies Idensity just because they’re on Myspazz… but I will because they do some amazing music!!! Listen to this teaser, bruh!!!

What is Chron Goblin? I don’t know… just see for yourself!

Unjustly Labeled is blackened doom tuned in G#0… FREAKING GEE SHARP, ZEROETH!!! You can count the string vibrations.

Humanity’s Last Breath already is overhyped… but it sounds so GOOD!

Unbeliever‘s album is FINALLY OUT! Listen to some chaotic hardcore on “For Now, We Survive”.

Finally, My Woshin Mashin is a pretty singular experimental electro-pop project, and it just makes me want to DANCE friggin all night long!!! This single is off of their upcoming album “Paradise” or “Original Fictional Movie Soundtrack”.

That’s it for the muzick! Phew, that was a relief!!!

Now, for some time I’ve been more active on the phasebook page of the blog! I’ve implemented things like “Song of the day” (so long creativity!), and just posting some facebuck updates without necessarily posting on the blog! I’ll do the same thing, and do my best to keep you all updated on new musics!

Because I know you care about good music as much as I do, and it’s my DUTY to do my best to let you all know about what awesome music lurks in the depths and corners of the interwebs!!! Bands deserve recognition, and melomaniacs around the world deserve only the best music!

See you around, losers!!!