Axon-Neuron premieres “Eyes”, from their upcoming album, Metamorphosis

Announced some time last year, with a little bit of a line-up change, as a follow-up to their sophomore album, “Dreamstate”, Metamorphosis will come out January 28th! As a reminder, here’s the songs “Euclid”, “Shattered” and “Suspicion” that were also debuted, but in a live setting instead of a studio one!




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covet – Currents

a0870999546_16After Yvette Young released her jaw-dropping acoustic math rock EP in early 2014, we’ve all been waiting for developments with her actual band, covet. After a crowdfunding campaign putting the album available for pre-order on bandcamp, the Currents EP is finally, after some delay, released.

Does it live up to the hype? Yes and no. It all has to do with what you expected of this. I anticipated something more or less like her personal Acoustics EP: intricate and technical guitar play, soft and melodious vocals and chill songs, but all supported by a band of talented and like-minded … Read more

Instrumental (adj.) – A Series of Disagreements

a1446988580_16Plini, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt, The Helix Nebula, SEIMS, and Violence In Action have a baby together. The name of the child with such a terrifying genealogy is Instrumental (adj.). In fact, it’s not even an actual name. But as we shouldn’t mock anyone’s name, let’s tackle this one with no preconceived ideas.

Instrumental (adj.) is an instrumental (…) band from crazed Australia. If the portfolio of its progenitors is any indicator of how the offspring will turn out, then it’s going to be quite a listen! And oh boy how it is! A Series of Read more

Two amazing math rock bands team up for a promising collaboration!

ni and PoiL are two French math rock bands that blew us away the minute we heard of them, respectively. Thus, the news of them both collaborating for a new project, Piniol. It is not said whether it will be a one-time only thing or if the merging of these two beasts will be perennial. All the information we’ve got is that video, and that we’ll have more early 2016.

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Antlion – The Prescient

Antlion is a progressive death metal quartet from Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Their debut album, The Prescient, came out on October 23rd.

First of all, they don’t do anything spectacularly out of the norm, but they do it well enough to keep it an interesting, and at times engaging, listen. There’s plenty of time signature changes and modulations throughout the album, the riffs are complex and driving, and the overall sound is tight. It just makes you try and fail to headbang to it. The album’s length is decent, giving you just enough juice to enjoy before getting overwhelmed, and … Read more