Antlion – The Prescient

Antlion is a progressive death metal quartet from Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Their debut album, The Prescient, came out on October 23rd.

First of all, they don’t do anything spectacularly out of the norm, but they do it well enough to keep it an interesting, and at times engaging, listen. There’s plenty of time signature changes and modulations throughout the album, the riffs are complex and driving, and the overall sound is tight. It just makes you try and fail to headbang to it. The album’s length is decent, giving you just enough juice to enjoy before getting overwhelmed, and ask for more at this point would be gluttony. But sins are much better when you indulge into them…

Overall, it’s a really good album for the fans of the genre. Antlion will remain a name to watch out for in the future!

A press copy of the album made this review possible.