OSR: 28th October 2015

On today’s One-Sentence Reviews, we’re talking about Odetosun, Esmerine, Tod Huetel Uebel, Alberto Menezes, and Charts and Maps!

Odetosun‘s Dark Dunes of Titan is an experience of patience, where riffs are brought up but don’t seem to grow, they just stagnate.

Esmerine‘s Lost Voices is a great chamber music album with prog and post rock vibes to it, a must listen!

Tod Huetel Uebel‘s new album Malícia is good, throwing some elements of doom into a more traditional black metal formula.

Alberto Menezes‘ crazy guitar slapping and other techniques are exploited on his Constant Shift EP, with a blend of jazz prog rock fusion.

Charts and Maps is a relatively unknown jazzy, mathy post rock band, and their 2011 album Dead Horse is just magnificent.

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