Contribute to Protest The Hero’s Next Album!

Right away! HERE!!!

You can give any amount you wish, but for some of them, you get some sweet deals. Let me show you :

10$ gets you the digital download, but why not go to 25$ and have the CD shipped to your house? With a special shirt for 50$. A song written about you for 400$! Pizza party at Tim’s with 3 of your friends for 1’250$! And get yourself heard on the album for the low low price of 5’000$!

I’m just going to buy the Digipack, but I am anticipating this record so much!

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SoundAsleep – Phéromones

[EDIT: Album released with cover art!!!]

Back in 2009, SoundAsleep gave us a little sample of what they were capable of with Midget Porn and Clockwork Surgery’s proggy goodness (read the review here). I wrote that it showed the great potential of the band.

And now that potential is unleashed with said band’s sophomore album, Phéromones.

One could argue about the French title, and it truly is a more French release than Midget Porn was. 44,4% more, actually.

Indeed, only two of the songs on Phéromones are in Shakespeare’s language, Molière being at ease.

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Aly The Band – Welcome to Our Nation (2010)

Listen to this while you read !

Why adding “The Band” to “Aly”? Of course we could be mistaken, with Aly &  AJ, Doctor Aly Abbara, Aly Michalka…

I’d hit that…

Who said that?

Never mind…

Welcome to Our Nation is Aly The Band’s not-so-original album name. I guess it was made that way so it could reflect the album’s content. Not so original hardcore punk.

I mean, it’s not bad! In fact, Aly The Band made something quite good!

Unfortunately, this album won’t change a thing in the hardcore world, since it does not bring anything new … Read more

Brume d’Automne – Brume d’Automne

Brume d’Automne (Autumn Mist in English, if you haven’t figured out already) is a savage, beastly, untamed monster. I’m sure the band draws inspiration from the tales of the Bonhomme 7 heures in Quebec, that mysterious character used by parents to scare their children and make sure they’re in bed soon, although not sleeping and shitting their pants.

This black-metal band with folk influences sings in French, but you fat-ass American won’t bother because there is little chance you will actually be able to decipher the language in which that monster sings.

If you do care about lyrics, on the … Read more

Sound Asleep – Midget Porn & Clockwork Surgery

The weirdest thing about this EP from Montreal’s heavy prog trio Soundasleep isn’t their cover art, depicting a plugged Melolontha melolontha (a cockchafer) with the band’s name written on its chitinous thorax, neither the fact that they always seem to carry their birthday suit around, because they never know when they’re gonna need it right. It is rather this little encryption at the back of the cover art, at the very bottom of the page: “SPORT 3D GLASSES, BITCHES”.

Wait, what? What does this even mean, dudes? If I have the chance to interview these guys, please remember me to … Read more