Brume d’Automne – Brume d’Automne

Brume d’Automne (Autumn Mist in English, if you haven’t figured out already) is a savage, beastly, untamed monster. I’m sure the band draws inspiration from the tales of the Bonhomme 7 heures in Quebec, that mysterious character used by parents to scare their children and make sure they’re in bed soon, although not sleeping and shitting their pants.

This black-metal band with folk influences sings in French, but you fat-ass American won’t bother because there is little chance you will actually be able to decipher the language in which that monster sings.

If you do care about lyrics, on the other hand, you will be gladly not-so-surprised that they refer greatly to Quebec’s history, and national pride. As a French-Canadian myself, I can do no other than to be in absolute love with this album, with song titles such as “Rouge Souvenir d’Antan”, “Le Lieu de la Vengeance”, and “Moé J’Me Souviens !”. Fellow Québécois, and metal Francophiles all over the world will have no choice but to have their pride and curiosity awoken by this dark album.

Black-metallers and Satan-worshippers will also dig this CD!

The distinctive “recorded at the bottom of the darkest dungeon’s sewers” sound of black-metal is intact, here. This is raw, aggressive, and really not pretty. This thing is not for the weak.

It is twisted, evil, and ugly. And that’s why it is so beautiful, in the end.

Besides the wickedness of Brume d’Automne, another thing not to frown upon is the musicians’ talent. The drummer is better than most black-metal would-be drummers, and the guitarist has interesting ideas, as well as good fingers, and there’s even some keyboard here and there. The singer would benefit from some cough syrup, though. He seems to be having a bad day.

Oh, wait.


That’s on purpose?

Oh well, the devil’s child is singing!

The folk passages are like nothing else. It’s not fucking Viking metal. It’s not Celtic shit. It’s pure folk music straight from our grandparents and great-grandparents, finally put into music representing the mood of then. When the French-Canadians were practically given to the British empire by the French, poor colons, bûcheurs, draveurs, coureurs des bois would take arms against British soldiers. Sure, many were killed, and Brume d’Automne seems to have integrated this frame of mind to the album, which gives it authenticity, and a deeper meaning for us Canadiens français, hostie!

This album is a total must for every single person from Quebec and for every socially retarded fat red-head worshipping Satan on this fucking planet! It might scare you off at first, given its raw and evil sound, but the more I listen to the album, the more I like it.

Download that fucking now!

This album has 4 fleurs de lys on 4, and an independent Quebec!