Bonne Saint-Jean-Baptiste!

Here in Quebec, today, it is the national holiday of the province, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

To highlight it in my own fashion, I’m going to feature some of the best music from Quebec in this post!

Hope you enjoy!


Beyond Creation

Brume d’Automne








Bonne Saint-Jean!!!

Also, if I missed any, please let me know!
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Brume d’Automne – Brume d’Automne

Brume d’Automne (Autumn Mist in English, if you haven’t figured out already) is a savage, beastly, untamed monster. I’m sure the band draws inspiration from the tales of the Bonhomme 7 heures in Quebec, that mysterious character used by parents to scare their children and make sure they’re in bed soon, although not sleeping and shitting their pants.

This black-metal band with folk influences sings in French, but you fat-ass American won’t bother because there is little chance you will actually be able to decipher the language in which that monster sings.

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