SoundAsleep – Phéromones

[EDIT: Album released with cover art!!!]

Back in 2009, SoundAsleep gave us a little sample of what they were capable of with Midget Porn and Clockwork Surgery’s proggy goodness (read the review here). I wrote that it showed the great potential of the band.

And now that potential is unleashed with said band’s sophomore album, Phéromones.

One could argue about the French title, and it truly is a more French release than Midget Porn was. 44,4% more, actually.

Indeed, only two of the songs on Phéromones are in Shakespeare’s language, Molière being at ease.

This is in no way a bummer. As a French-speaker myself, I truly appreciate the direction they are taking this on. The vocals are overall rock, and sometimes smooth, talking about burbots, bays, troubles, dinosaurs and… poneys.

Wait, what? Épluchette de Poneys? LOL

Let me translate this for you.

Nah, I’ve changed my mind.

Onward to the music!

I said Midget Porn and Clockwork Surgery had insane bass works and heavy drums, but that is taken to another level on Phéromones. Remember that the bassist is also the lead singer of the band, but that does not stop him from playing some of the best bass parts I’ve heard in a while! Bruno also enhanced his vocal abilities, much to our aural pleasure.

The guitars are not really prominent in most of the record, but are always well placed, seem perfectly balanced between talent and emotion, and contribute greatly to the Sound of Asleep…

God, that pun was awful.

There’s a vast range of moods and emotions conveyed through the album, sometimes soaring (Tomorrow, Dryas IV) and sometimes heavy (On s’arrange avec nos troubles!!, Stégosaure), Asleep’s new Sound is one I can totally live with!

Okay I swear that was the last pun attempt of the day.

Phéromones will be out soon, like december 12 soon, and I greatly recommend you go and check them out, my bet is that you will just feel the need to buy this.

As for me, Phéromones gets an easy 90/100; that’s 4 and a half star or 9 stripes of bacon.

Get this shit, and don’t forget to SPORT 3D GLASSES, BITCHES!