Recap of awesome music I’ve heard lately!

Hey! I’ve posted quite a few great music on the blog’s facebook page, but didn’t make any official post about them. Here is my chance to make them shine, and make you discover them, and hopefully like them as I do :)

FIRST OF ALL! The never disappointing Plini released the second part of his EP trilogy, called Sweet Nothings… and man, how sweet it is! Plini is a real modern-day guitar genius! Just listen to it for yourself!

Plini on facebook

Lightning Bolt‘s 20 one-track EP was released quite some time ago, but it came to my attention via the Mathcore Index. It’s noise. Listen to it.

Ashes of Rebirth sent me their pretty good and really interesting Demo 2013 (which doesn’t sound like a demo at all). Progressive technical deathcore!!1

Ashes of Rebirth on facebook

I’ve come to be aware of the out-of-this-world insane band Cyclamen! Jap tech death ftw! Their new album is just… I have no words!

Cyclamen on facebook

I don’t know why, but the band Carthage remained far from me. I’ve caught up with the wave, and I’m glad I did, this shit is HEAVY!!!

Carthage on facebook

Visions is a progressive hardcore band! It’s tastehhhh.

Visions on facebook

The Advaita Concept is a djenty progressive metal band! I really like the singer’s voice!

The Advaita Concept on facebook

uSSSy is crazyyyy! Microtonal experimental mathrock! From Russia!!!

uSSSy on facebook

For some new good progressive metal, not too hard not too soft, head to Dissona‘s new album!

Dissona on facebook

meek is murder, the acclaimed mathcore band, released their new album Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters, which describes exactly my views on the world! It’s AWESOME!

meek is murder on facebook

I’ve finally given a listen to the overwhelmingly underestimated technical multi-genre progressive metal band Sleep Terror. Check out his compilation of releases down here! It’s truly worth it!

Sleep Terror on facebook

Rhemora Sucks (Primus style)! It’s a rare case of good melodeath! Give it a try!

Rhemora on facebook

FINALLY!!! Marcato is a really catchy hard rock/metal band! Not what you would expect here on the blog, but it will always be welcome in your ears!

Marcato on facebook

That’s all for the week! Stay tuned on the blog and our facebook page for more new awesome music to listen to!

PS!!!!!!!: I mindlessnessly forgot to show you one more radical song that came out this week!!! How foolish of me! Robots Pulling Levers, the ültra-shred talent-deluge supergroup that consists of Vishal J Singh, Mark Hawkins, Luke Jaeger, with solos from other virtuosos too, just came up with a post-release song for their album Zong!. Check the track out, it’s called Initiate! Check it out. CHECK IT OUT!

Robots Pulling Levers on facebook