PSA: Why our year’s-end lists will be posted in January, and why everyone should do the same.

There’s a certain, nonsensical trend, among magazines and blogs, to post their tops of the year lists as early as possible. Some even in early December! What’s the point of doing a year’s-end list if there’s still one month to go, one twelfth, more than 8 percent of the year left? If you stop and think about it for a single minute, it makes no sense! We also did the same here on the blog, we’re not without flaws, but it was just because everyone around was doing it, and we didn’t stop to ask why, or why not.

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We’re hiring! (sort of)

Yes! You’re not dreaming! The best music blog to ever be is now hiring* and you can be one of the few chosen ones to join the crew! You can write sentences in intelligible English (bonus points if you sound pretentious)? You love progressive, experimental, avant-garde, microtonal, and just plain weird music, mostly metal and rock? You have free time and are willing to work in your own [mom’s] basement? And, last but not least, you aren’t expecting any form of monetary payment* for all your hard work?! Well, all the odds are on your side!

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Site update: Forums!

Hey all! In order to continue to facilitate the communication between you and us, we just have implemented a forum to our blog! You can create a topic in the dedicated forum, and when you comment on a post on the blog, it will be automatically sent on the forum, too. You can use your blog username, if you have any, or create a new one.

This will encourage discussion on the music we post about, and it will be easier for you to submit new music to us (just go there)!

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SITE UPDATE : lost posts and mailing list problems

Hey everyone!

Lately we’ve became aware that readers in California were unable, or that it was extremely difficult for them, to see the website. We’ve figured that our free hosting was the problem, and that we’d switch to a paid host quite soon. However, another event hurried the switch. Indeed, something went wrong and our free host turned off our website, without notice. Fortunately, our webmaster switched our website to a paid host, but posts made after the last backup save of the website are lost, and that is all posts since November 2013. Fortunately, again, we’ve set up … Read more

Well… It’s been a while! And here’s what you missed! (speed post edition)

Maximum the Hormone (マキシマム ザ ホルモン) freaking ROCK!!! Their new album Yushu Fukushu (予襲復讐) is insanely addictive! Just listen to this video for the title song:

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The new video for Haken‘s song The Cockroach King from their album “The Mountain” is Queenly Muppetish! In other words, I can’t wait to listen to the full album!!!

Like these buoys on phasebook!!!

The new Dream Theater is meh…

The new Safety Fire, on the other hand, is rather exceptional! (That means it’s good!)

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