SITE UPDATE : lost posts and mailing list problems

Hey everyone!

Lately we’ve became aware that readers in California were unable, or that it was extremely difficult for them, to see the website. We’ve figured that our free hosting was the problem, and that we’d switch to a paid host quite soon. However, another event hurried the switch. Indeed, something went wrong and our free host turned off our website, without notice. Fortunately, our webmaster switched our website to a paid host, but posts made after the last backup save of the website are lost, and that is all posts since November 2013. Fortunately, again, we’ve set up a mailing list back in March 2014, so every post since that time can be recovered and re-posted. We will not re-post “news” type posts, as they are not relevant anymore; we will only re-post album reviews we have made so they are available to future generations of meloweirdos.

Speaking of the mailing list, during the switch we have noticed it is no longer working: we wrote a few new posts and I didn’t receive a mail like I usually did. The problem has yet to be solved, and we’re at it as soon as possible! In the meantime, you can follow our activity either on our subreddit, which is greatly recommended, or on our facebook page.

I hope that everything will go as smoothly as before, as soon as possible, so every one of you can continue to find new, amazing bands to listen to!

On August 8 2014, this entry was posted.