Cage – Pilots

As if being a grindcore band wasn’t awesome already, Cage writes music about, and I quote, “The sound of Nicolas Cage LOSING HIS FUCKING SHIT.”

If you remember, we covered Cage‘s first EP, “Saint Nicolas”, but with the trouble we’ve had with the website host lately, that post is erased and has gone into a black hole. Nonetheless, today is our chance to redeem ourselves and we’ll be discussing the band’s latest album, Pilots, which was in fact recorded prior to “Saint Nicolas”, but released after it. It also includes the latter as bonus tracks, how amazing‽

So, we are spoiled with many great Nicolas Cage excerpts from various movies he’s done. The last three songs – the bonus tracks – are a Christmas-themed trio. More specifically, however, the excerpts focus, as stated earlier, on Nic losing it. You’ll hear him shout and cry, and isn’t it what we want from The Cage? Yes, it is. After the usual track opener, the music begins. Often reciting Nic Cage’s script in pure grindcore fashion, the band does well in transferring the actor’s acting into musical anger. The most remarkable playing of this album resides in the song “Vampire’s Kiss”, where the drum plays in time with Nic’s movie excerpt. While kept extremely short, this part was really one of the album’s highlights!

The length of the songs, an emblem of the grincore genre, is kept at the lowest possible, except for a few songs over the 1 minute mark, where we can either hear more of Nic Cage’s shit-losing, or where we can appreciate the musical development of the song.

If you like Nicolas Cage – and even if you don’t – I recommend you to get this aggressive balls-to-the-wall grindcore album right now! You won’t regret it!