Deconstructing Sequence – Access Code

As a young and talented extreme progressive metal act, Deconstructing Sequence, from the UK, begins to make waves in the community. Their latest two-song EP, Access Code, seems to follow the trend established by their debut EP last year: it’s harsh, it’s extreme, it’s good, but it’s short!

The sci-fi-inspired three-piece seems to succeed to their 2013 EP “Year One”, both concept-wise, and in music. Musically, it’s fast-paced and heavy, with the occasional lighter clean guitar with lots of effects on. Over the marathoning drums, the guitars and keyboards exchange places frequently. Similarly, the two singers often let the place to spoken excerpts, either as exposition, or in order to immerse the listener more effectively.

The production is a little bit quiet, reminiscent of Warp Prism although being louder. The drums could use a little more punch, but this should in no way make you miss this band!

I recommend checking out both their EPs! The only thing is that they’re really too short, and with their current production rate, we can’t expect more than two or three songs in the fall of 2015. We want more!