News: The Fractured Dimension’s Member Lineup is INSANE


The Fractured Dimension is releasing an album called ” Galaxy Mechanics” (coming out and it one of the albums to check out this year. First off let’s look at the lineup of musicians on this album:

Jimmy Pitts (keys)
Jerry Twyford (bass)
Hannes Grossmann (drums)
Vishal J Singh, Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschlager, and Tom Kopyto on (guitars)
Joe Deninzon (violin)
Kasturi Nath Singh (Indian Classical Fusion Vocals)
Christian Muenzner, Marcel Coenen, Alex Machacek, Mike Abdow, Pete Pachio, Aaron Roten, Bill Bruce, and Jeremy Barnes (Guest Guitar Solos)

It is VERY rare to get a lineup of musicians like that for an … Read more

News: 1st Single from Jaga Jazzist’s New Album

Jaga Jazzist is one of the most interesting collection of musicians. Their list of musicians current and past alone is interesting in itself. We’re going to let the music speak for itself but this is a band to always keep an eye on.

The newest album is called “Starfire” and will be coming out on June 2, 2015.

Here’s the album art for the new album:

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News: Allan Holdsworth & Crowdfunding?

Well this is a surprise to say the least. Allan Holdsworth, one of the most influential guitarist of all time easily is releasing a new album. This is album we have been waiting 10+ years for! But there is a interesting way he is going about this. He’s crowdfunding it via a site I’ve never heard of before called . Here is an about section on the site to get more details on it.

Here is the link to Holdsworth page on it:

Now normally I hate crowdfunding in general since in most scenarios the albums aren’t even written/recorded … Read more

News: Peculate releases a 12 min. music video/new song!

Our good friend Ben Norton is easily one of the most creative composers out in the avant-garde metal scene. From his famous take on Taylor Swift’s “This Sick Beat” and having produced a genius composition in Bouazizi which is just the FIRST song from his upcoming album.

Ben releases a 12 minute music video (that he shot himself I believe) and premieres a new song with it. He was planning on releasing for Valentines Day but did not finish it in time. Here is a description by the man himself,

“It’s an epic and barely recognizable arrangement (or, as Hank … Read more