News: Allan Holdsworth & Crowdfunding?

Well this is a surprise to say the least. Allan Holdsworth, one of the most influential guitarist of all time easily is releasing a new album. This is album we have been waiting 10+ years for! But there is a interesting way he is going about this. He’s crowdfunding it via a site I’ve never heard of before called . Here is an about section on the site to get more details on it.

Here is the link to Holdsworth page on it:

Now normally I hate crowdfunding in general since in most scenarios the albums aren’t even written/recorded and bands are just looking to get into fancy studios even when they have a good enough studio to record it, and then they try to sell you the shittest upgrades for donating more like being in a choir track on the album.

Now notice what his pledges are for and you’ll notice that it’s just the album + some merch for the most part besides the stupid studio producer credits (but might as well give them a title if they drop 5 to 10k in donations). It also seems like most of the music is already written and recorded already.

Holdsworth is just using this as a platform to sell the already finished album and some merch. THIS IS HOW YOU FUCKING DO CROWDFUNDING. Don’t bullshit your fans.

Now there is a long video on the page where Holdsworth himself talks about the album with some corny jokes but it’s all in good fun. The album is going to cost $15 by buying the AccessPass but you also get studio footage.

What is most exciting of the list of players on the album are Virgil Donati and Anthony Crawford who toured with him in 2012. I got to catch Virgil Donati with Holdsworth at a gig and they were remarkable. It also doesn’t hurt that Virgil Donati wrote one of the best modern Jazz Fusion albums in “In This Life” which has Antony Crawford on bass during it.

Here is the link once again to watch the video and to pledge:

I leave you with some highlights of Virgil, Crawford, and Holdsworth together!

On March 2 2015, this entry was posted.