News: Peculate releases a 12 min. music video/new song!

Our good friend Ben Norton is easily one of the most creative composers out in the avant-garde metal scene. From his famous take on Taylor Swift’s “This Sick Beat” and having produced a genius composition in Bouazizi which is just the FIRST song from his upcoming album.

Ben releases a 12 minute music video (that he shot himself I believe) and premieres a new song with it. He was planning on releasing for Valentines Day but did not finish it in time. Here is a description by the man himself,

“It’s an epic and barely recognizable arrangement (or, as Hank Levy often joked, “derangement”) of Pet Shops Boys’ song “Love Is a Bourgeois Construct.”
(The intro of the song, and the music you hear in this preview, is counterpoint I composed based on both the chord progression and primary theme of “Love Is a Bourgeois Construct”—which is in turn based on a composition by Michael Nyman, which itself is based on a composition by Henry Purcell—and the theme of Pachelbel’s Canon.)

As I’ve said before, unlike 99.99999% of pop artists, I will NEVER release a love song. I will only release anti-love songs.
I wasn’t joking.”

This is honestly one of my favorite Peculate compositions to date and I’m sure many will agree with me. Keep an eye out for whenever he releases a full length album this year.

You can download the new song for free at the Peculate bandcamp link below. Enjoy!

On March 2 2015, this entry was posted.