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The duo of Will Allegretto and Cody Silander known as Vacuus recently released Hyperkulturemia, their debut album, following a 2015 EP titled Abreaction. Groups with fewer people tend to be the ones displaying the more creative ideas, and this is the case here. Often times, however, their music is brought down by one or more of many things: use of poorly-programmed virtual instruments, lacking depth in their sound, lack of interesting ideas, or more. This is not the case with Vacuus, fortunately. The bicephalous beast embraces its studio nature and its two limbs harness multiple instruments so that nothing is left behind – guitar, bass, drums –, and there are even a couple more on top – djembe, sange wasong, and synthesizer. Thanks to one guest spot, we also have saxophone on one song!

Hyperkulturemia lies somewhere between experimental math rock and prog fusion. It’s much more on the experimental side of things, but, from time to time, one particularly jazzy moment tugs towards the fusion label. There’s also a pretty wide range of progressive rock influences here and there. So, throughout the quite massive three songs on display – including an impressive three-part, twenty-five-minute épopée – you’ll be able to hear bewildering mathematical passages that walk the line with noise rock as well as more romantic structures and crecendi.

Vacuus delivered a true piece of art with Hyperkulturemia.

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