Uglyglow – Sad People Happy Fiestas

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Uglyglow is a beautifully strange amalgamation of math rock and electronic music. Their former penchant is closer to experimental math rock, such as Yowie and Doom Salad, for example, while their latter derives more from noise than dance music. What seems to be the work of one person alone is quite impressive! As you can hear in “All the Numbers between 0 and -1”, all the parts have their place and are executed with great dexterity. From the drums, which often drives the songs forward, to the manic guitars and the lively and varied electronics support, all the instruments work in synergy towards a common goal: making forward-thinking math rock tunes.

While the first half of the album definitely stays within that mathectro mindset, things seem to take a slightly less rock turn towards the end. This is another example of the wide variety of sounds and influences encompassing this record. There’s even a track or two here that sounds more like world music than anything else, even if they also receive the project’s idiosyncrasies as embellishment. Sad People Happy Fiestas closes off with “Exit”, a thirteen-minute drone piece that really departs from the rest of the songs; you could also say it’s a stronger focus on the electronic music inspirations inherent to the band.

Finally, Uglyglow’s latest release is an interesting and courageous take on math rock.

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