Advanced Mathematics 4: Notes inégales

Whew, we’ve recently gone from a very new concept, microrhythms, to a fairly advanced discussion on polyrhythms, polymetres, and polytempo. I hope that this season of Advanced Mathematics is enriching to you! Today, we’re going to talk about notes inégales – uneven notes –, what kids today call “swing feel”. It goes much deeper than what you probably imagine, and I hope you’ll learn something today!

The Triplet Feel

Most prevalent in jazz and blues music, the swing feel usually involves altering the length of two consecutive and equal notes. The most common example of this is the … Read more

Experimental rockers Deux Pouilles En Cavale release new single from upcoming album!

Their new album, named Tambour Et Temps Mort, will come out November 8 on bandcamp, but for now, you can stream the single Ouais Mais Là!, a short bipolar piece of swing rock! If you haven’t already, listen to their previous releases, the eponymous LP, or their newest Votre Cœur Va Manquer Un Pouls EP, because those French rockers are really awesome!… Read more