EXCLUSIVE SONG PREMIERE: Reg Bloor – “(You’ll Feel) a Little Pinch” and Review of Sensory Irritation Chamber

The Music

The Words

Reg Bloor is an experimental metal guitarist from New York City, and Sensory Irritation Chamber is her sophomore release. Reg’s style is immediately recognizable by the solo presence of electric guitar with multiple harmonizing effects and distorsions. Sensory Irritation Chamber is a forty-minute album of layered guitars that act as a wall of noise that falls on and buries the listener brave enough to face it.

The compositions on this album are truly interesting, however. There is not a moment where I’d rather not be listening to the music here. With frequent metric modulations, extended and … Read more

Death Drag – Shifted

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Iluso has a great track record for providing us with some of the wildest, most adventurous jazz albums out there. I think I’ve become acquainted with the label through dMu’s Synaptic Self, which was a true revelation to me! Today, they’re back with Death Drag‘s debut album, Shifted.

Shifted is like a free jazz album built with the tools of noise metal. The trio consists of drummer and composer Mike Caratti, aided by Santiago Horro on heavily distorted bass guitar, Roberto Sassi on guitar, and Luke Barlow, who plays keyboards and Rhodes. Each … Read more