Death Drag – Shifted

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Iluso has a great track record for providing us with some of the wildest, most adventurous jazz albums out there. I think I’ve become acquainted with the label through dMu’s Synaptic Self, which was a true revelation to me! Today, they’re back with Death Drag‘s debut album, Shifted.

Shifted is like a free jazz album built with the tools of noise metal. The trio consists of drummer and composer Mike Caratti, aided by Santiago Horro on heavily distorted bass guitar, Roberto Sassi on guitar, and Luke Barlow, who plays keyboards and Rhodes. Each of them a renowned player from various noise and art rock acts. As such, Death Drag leans heavily towards dissonance and timbre interference, with free-flowing rhythm and often truly unknowable harmony.

At forty-three minutes, Shifted is just the right size! It gives us the time to be engulfed and bathe in the otherworldly oddities it has to offer, and all the while the band keeps finding new ways to torture their music. This results in a unique and memorable piece of work that is sure to give you – even you, seasoned listeners – a challenge or two!

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