Serious Beak’s new album needs your help!

Seems like it’s crowdfunding week for the obscure prog bands! Saturday’s Thinking Plague Kickstarter, and today’s Serious Beak Pozible. Farewell, money! So, here’s the tl;dr: SB will release their new album Ankaa through their label Art as Catharsis in November 2015 if they meet their goal of getting $3,500 in one month. The album contains four tracks of decent length (3, 13, 10, and 8 minutes) and with epic titles (such as “Main Sequence (Dacelo novaeguineae)”. The money raised will serve to print vinyls – if that’s your thing – and surplus money will serve to fund … Read more

Earth’s Yellow Sun – The Infernal Machine

After their last year’s debut EP “Prologue”, Toronto-based instrumental prog once-trio now-quintet Earth’s Yellow Sun has released The Infernal Machine, a 5-part, 23 minute long prog rock song of epic proportions. After that overly complicated and long introduction sentence, let’s dig into the music.

The machine starts with a short opening segment, quickly followed by djent-influenced riffing. They don’t lose time with fancy introductions and cut straight to business. The music is heavily layered, with keyboards and saxophones taking lots of place. This isn’t anything new on the current prog metal scene, but it’s well-done enough that it doesn’t … Read more

Sein Zum Tode – Siamese Second Cousins Never Removed

Lately I’ve been very busy – and tired – because of work, music, relations… basically everything other than writing about weird music that only 10 people know about worldwide. Also, I’ve felt very overwhelmed recently, with the huge ass pile of new and amazing music that fell upon me. I also felt like I couldn’t convey how amazing these bands were, and that I am a poor music blogger. But I recalled that I’m not a reviewer and my role is not to critique or review albums, but just to talk about the music that I like, and that I… Read more

Review: Kes – Kamlama

[Stream album here]

Kes is a band from Turkey, and apparently Kamlama is their debut album. If you’re thirsty for some great instrumental progressive rock not too far off from Indukti, you won’t be disappointed!

The trio is the standard instrumental rock form: one guitarist, one bassist, and one drummer. Each with their standard number of strings and drums parts. I believe it’s quite difficult to acquire music instruments and services in Turkey, at least that’s what I’ve heard, but these guys seem to have some high-end gear and top-notch sound/mix quality. Good for them, and, ultimately, good for … Read more

Review : ni – Les Insurgés De Romilly

French instrumental math-rockers ni have already lobbed at us (across the Atlantic), two great, albeit short, releases: the two eponymous EPs of 2010 and 2012. This year, for the full release, the name ni just wasn’t enough. Les Insurgés De Romilly is a full-length album, clocking at around 40 minutes; 40 minutes of intense mathy prog-goodness!

ni is about intense, mathematical, challenging yet light-hearted music. With Les Insurgés De Romilly, they have achieved an otherworldly balance of dissonant harmonies, catchy odd-time grooves, and psychedelic, sometimes schizophrenic, passages. The voices, too, are in some sort of grey area that will … Read more