Earth’s Yellow Sun – The Infernal Machine

After their last year’s debut EP “Prologue”, Toronto-based instrumental prog once-trio now-quintet Earth’s Yellow Sun has released The Infernal Machine, a 5-part, 23 minute long prog rock song of epic proportions. After that overly complicated and long introduction sentence, let’s dig into the music.

The machine starts with a short opening segment, quickly followed by djent-influenced riffing. They don’t lose time with fancy introductions and cut straight to business. The music is heavily layered, with keyboards and saxophones taking lots of place. This isn’t anything new on the current prog metal scene, but it’s well-done enough that it doesn’t get on my nerves. Recurring themes are commonplace here, which is always a sign of a deeply thought-out composition. There’s definitely a progression during the song, too, and the parts and sub-parts of it show a great variety. In the end, I just feel like the song is too short! It flows so well together and it’s such a good listen that time passes by unnoticed.

If you’re a fan of modern progressive metal – think Haken – but instrumental, you should surely think about getting Earth’s Yellow Sun‘s The Infernal Machine for yourself!