Dumbsaint – Panorama, In Ten Pieces

We know you love post-metal, so if I were to say that this is the greatest piece of this genre of music to come out this year, would you believe me? Probably not because you all probably know of that band from where you’re from that’s so much greater than any other, but Dumbsaint is a band I actually have heard about.

Panorama, in ten pieces is a soundtrack to a story told in a movie, which was also entirely made by the band. Globally, I’d say it’s post-metal, but there are post-rock moments too. The songs clearly reflect the story, as you can now see in the Cold Call video. There are really no visible boundaries set by the band when creating this album, it’s free-structured and feels heartfelt too, which is always a good sign for emotional releases like this one!

If you’re slightly into post music, you’ll dig this one!