The Brutal Deceiver in a video and two songs

Side-project of As We Draw, The Brutal Deceiver puts the bar so fucking high with this video for the song We Are Legion. I’m so buying this album when it comes out (spring 2013).

And it goes by the lovely name of “Go Die. One By One”


And here’s the bandcamp stream (two songs only).


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and on bandcamp

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Zvoyn – Zealous Decadence Trilogy (2009-2012)

Listen to this while reading!


Remember when before there was the universe, there was, like, absolute chaos?

Yeah, me neither.

But if I had to compare this to anything, it’d be that.

Hailing from France, Zvoyn is, from what I could understand, a one-man project, from some crazy bassist. The trilogy comprises three books of the “Onomatopeous Love Letters” series, and it is what it is: Onomatopeous. There doesn’t seem to be any true lyrics written to those ladies, to whom these love letters are destined, however. And I don’t know what these damsels did, … Read more