Sewing Circle – Nausea

Sometimes, we need to take a step back and take a listen to something that really makes you ask yourself “can this even be called music?” Of course, the answer is almost always a resounding “yes!”, but, to the neophyte’s ear, the answer might not be so clear-cut. Enters Sewing Circle, the project of Arturo, Noah, and Patrick – the latter of whom we already wrote about many times for his involvement in some of today’s wildest and most interesting musical projects – is, I believe, an improvisation-based experimental noise rock trio. The nearly thirty-minute EP is adventurous and, at times, nauseating – hence the title. I’d even call this deconstructionist Yowie, because of, on one side, the resemblances to the math rock trio, and, on the other, the apparent lack of structure and predetermined composition. It goes pretty far in terms of abrasiveness and novel musical cohesion, and that’s what many experimental and improvisational outfits lack; also known as a vision. The album is available for free download via Orb Tapes, and there’s a pretty cheap cassette available, too!