Bodhi – Ineffable

The Room Colored Charlatan guitarist Justin Seymour is about to release his first solo EP Ineffable on August 25th under the name Bodhi. This short but sweet offering of melodic instrumental prog is reminiscent of Plini and Animals as Leaders. The first track ‘Desire’ starts off with an atmospheric synth which is then joined by some pleasant melodic guitars, drums, and piano. The layered guitars sound amazing but the keyboard sounds great too and compliments the guitars well. For being completely a one-man operation, it is quite impressive. The title track ‘Ineffable’ is the longest on the EP and has some really nice softer guitar parts near the end. Having played alongside acts such as TesseracT, Born of Osiris, The Contortionist, Jeff Loomis, Scale the Summit, there’s no question that Justin has skill, and I’m excited to hear what he puts out next.

A promo copy of the album was used for this review.


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