Review: 五人一首 (Gonin-Isshu) – 内視鏡世界 (Naishikyo-Sekai)

You know Japan? You remember Japanese metal? (Example 1; Example 2) 五人一首 are not so different.

I would label them as progressive metal, however not a trope-following progressive metal band, more like a progressist metal band that other would more likely categorize as experimental or avant-garde, and they wouldn’t be wrong either. Female-fronted progressist metal bands are quite a gem nowadays, the singers often have to share that spot with secondary vocalists to do the harsh part of the singing, but it’s not the case here, Anoji sings both melodic and harsh passages (as well as playing rhythm guitar!)

Speaking of which, each of the musicians in that quintet is tremendously talented and at ease with its instrument, as well as with various musical genres and styles. Going from almost-classical music to black metal through punk and jazz, the band covers a lot of the musical spectrum in that 45 minute album. The songs’ length is quite varied, too, with a 2 minute intro and an almost 20 minute closer, allowing the musicians to fully explore every corner in their minds.

Grab that album right now (there are 8 physical CDs left as of now), because it will honestly blow you away!

It was released in 2008, I wonder if a new album’s in the works…