Palmless – The Nine Exits

Sweden’s band Palmless just released their debut album, The Nine Exits, on bandcamp. If I were to be bold, I’d say they play post-blackgaze, but this wouldn’t paint the whole picture. Indeed, they seem to pour post-rock tendencies into their blackgaze compositions, or perhaps it’s the other way around, and, on top of that, there is a bit of noise rock and dark pop all wrapped in an indie vibe that permeates throughout the album’s half-hour runtime. The guitars are barely distorted, mostly receiving the overdrive treatment, and the bass guitar is almost totally dry, too. The drums don’t play blast beats rarely, but their use is restricted to highlight the more intense moments of some songs, rather than used and abused as the genre usually dictates. The Nine Exits is a unique album that encapsulates the realms of post-rock, black metal, and shoegaze into a coherent entity. Let yourself be struck by what it evokes, and by its relative accessibility.