Ex Eye – Ex Eye

We’re not new to the name of Colin Stetson, decidedly one of if not the best saxophone player of recent history. Although his works have been a lot into the ambient spectrum, his recent Sorrow: A Reimagining of Górecki’s Third Symphony is where he brought himself into the lands of metal. Being now part of the new band Ex Eye, his fast, relentless, versatile, and innovative playing style is a perfect match for the blackened doom they spew out. Whether they drone on in drawn-out atmospheric passages or tempestuously stampede during blast beat parts, Stetson is at the forefront, and elevates the otherwise relatively mundane band to a whole new level. Don’t get me wrong, the backing music on Ex Eye is good and well fleshed out, but we wouldn’t make such a big fuss out of it if it weren’t for Colin’s presence. The most otherworldly moments are when he hums whilst playing the saxophone. This sounds like agonizing moans; it’s bizarre and captivating. Other moments of note are the indefatigable arpeggios that seem to last an eternity, thanks to circular breathing and tireless fingers. Ex Eye provide the perfect backing music to Stetson, it’s a match made in heaven, and an unspeakable blessing to music and metal amateurs.